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This unauthorised biography traces the rise and downfall of Australian cult leader William Kamm, alias "The Little Pebble". Regarded by followers throughout the world as a prophet during the past 25 years, Kamm appointed himself chief of a global network of seers and claimed he would be the Roman Catholic Church's last Pope. His life and leadership of the Order of Saint Charbel - a sect based near Nowra on the NSW south coast - is exposed in the book, which is available through this website. More details: Home

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Author Graeme Webber's 19-page submission to the Australian Senate about William Kamm and his cult.

Senate Submission


Even as The Little Pebble's jail term expired and he was free to return to his cult compound near Nowra, the NSW Government sought to extend his parole conditions for a further five years. The NSW Supreme Court granted a 28-day extension  to strict supervision by parole authorities while Kamm received further psychiatric assessments.


Less than two years after Kamm had been refused parole due to his lack of reform, jail authorities released him 12 months before the end of his 10-year term. He was placed on strict parole conditions, which included him not being allowed to visit the Shoalhaven region (where his cult is based) for a further 12 months.


William Kamm's lack of reform as "an untreated sex offender" was noted when he remained in jail because he had "so far failed to participate in a program to address his offending behaviour," the NSW State Parole Authority said in a media statement. Kamm's 7.5-year non-parole period of his 10-year sentence was due to expire in April 2013. But authorities cut short his hopes of an early release. "Given the nature of the inmate's offences," a Probation and Parole Service report said, "it is considered beneficial that Mr Kamm undertake the treatment program in custody." "Given that Mr Kamm ... remains an untreated sex offender, his release to parole is not recommended."


The High Court rejected a further attempt by William Kamm to overturn child sex convictions during a hearing which lasted less than 15 minutes on 1 October 2010. The application for leave to appeal related to a dispute between Kamm's defence barrister and a Crown witness regarding allegations that documents had been illegally destroyed (as reported in "a WOLF mong the SHEEP" pages 239-240 and 309-312).

High Court Rejects Appeal Application
Source: AustLII High Court Transcript


Appealing to the full bench of the High Court of Australia without a legal representative, Kamm's continued attempts to overturn child sex convictions were dismissed on 20 April 2010. During his second trial for paedophilia offences in 2007, the so-called prophet known as The Little Pebble was convicted of having sex with a girl on a number of occasions when she was aged 14 and 15. Kamm's legal team applied for a temporary or permanent stay of the court case, claiming the prosecution was an abuse of process due to claims by the complainant and her partner that two statements contained incorrect information and forged signatures.

District Court Judge Peter Berman refused the application to delay proceedings; the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal later rejected Kamm's protest about the alleged interference with statements and Kamm's ultimate complaint to the High Court also failed.

"The applicant submits that a number of findings of the Court of Criminal Appeal were erroneous, including its finding that if the trial were required to proceed, it would not result in an injustice by reason of the complaints raised," the High Court ruled on 20 April 2010. "He submits that Berman District Court Judge's understanding and application of a number of principles of criminal law and due process were flawed and that it was erroneous for the Court of Criminal Appeal to uphold them. The applicant argues that he has suffered a miscarriage of justice and that the trial should not have gone ahead in the face of evidence of lies, collusion and conspiracy on the part of the complainant and others."

But the High Court found that: "None of the arguments raised by the applicant enjoys sufficient prospects of success to warrant a grant of special leave to appeal, and the interests of justice do not require such a grant. We see no reason to doubt the correctness of the conclusions reached in the courts below."


On 10 December 2008, the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal rejected The Little Pebble's plea against convictions from his second trial for molesting a former 'queen' when she was aged 14 and 15 years. In May 2007, a jury found Kamm guilty of five counts of sexual intercourse with the underaged girl as well as one count of aggravated indecency against her during the mid-1990s. Kamm was not eligible for parole until April 2013. The appeal was rejected unanimously by three Justices.


On 13 June 2008, William Kamm lost a High Court bid to overturn convictions from his first trial for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl. A District Court jury had found him guilty of molesting the under-aged 'queen' in mid-2005. Kamm's subsequent attempts to quash those convictions in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal were also unsuccessful in 2007.
Source/Further Details: AAP

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