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a WOLF among the SHEEP

This unauthorised biography traces the rise and downfall of Australian cult leader William Kamm, alias "The Little Pebble". Regarded by followers throughout the world as a prophet during the past 25 years, Kamm appointed himself chief of a global network of seers and claimed he would be the Roman Catholic Church's last Pope. His life and leadership of the Order of Saint Charbel - a sect based near Nowra on the NSW south coast - is exposed in the book, which is available through this website. More details: Home


Seers of Cambewarra
[a who's who of the adult seers in Kamm's community]

A global seer network
[A list of some foreign seers said to have been associated with The Little Pebble]

Part  I

on Wings
of Angels

Chapter 1
The dawning
of a new error

"Publicly I am always careful and once
behind closed doors, the Dr Jekyll and
Mr Hyde comes out."
The Little Pebble
27 July 1993

Sets the scene in the Order of Saint Charbel cult through the experience of a naïve young teenager who is duped into believing that the Virgin Mary has chosen her to be one of many 'queens' and 'princesses' in Kamm's Royal House. 'Kylie' [not her real name] has become a 'mystical spouse' and her parents mistakenly believe The Little Pebble's assurances that the union is only symbolic and spiritual - but the middled-aged married religious leader quickly, and cunningly, sexualises his relationship with the fifteen-year-old girl.

Chapter 2
A child is born

"I was created and born in reparation

for this act of betrayal. It is for this
reason that I, too, have been and am
still betrayed by so many people,
so often."

The Little Pebble
16 May 2000

An exploration of Kamm’s childhood and early religious activities. He assumes the leadership of a string of prayer groups during the late 1970s and begins recruiting members for the genesis of a cult. Despite his total lack of theological training, Kamm announces himself as a prophet and soon marshals a band of supporters (who are disgruntled with the modernised Roman Catholic Church and they crave his traditional teachings). Yet some associates identify Kamm as a religious fraud right from the outset.

Chapter 3
For love & lust

"Although I had had many girlfriends
and some of them had tried to seduce
me, I had never given in to them."
The Little Pebble
(Autobiography, 1999)

Kamm’s relations with a number of teenaged girls/women provides deep insight into his sexual psyche. A number of key recruits arrive in the story to help Kamm prepare his disciples for the end of the world.

Chapter 4
The name that
became a

"...I have no doubt that you will ingeniously
invent some way out for those sufficiently
gullible to continue to follow you."

Bishop Thomas Muldoon (retired)
30 October 1984

'The Little Pebble' pseudonym is born as Kamm cultivates his own mission by imitating other 'seers'. Various miracles are claimed to bolster his divine calling as a prophet. With earnest fervour, some put their faith in Kamm - regardless of the mainstream Catholic Church's denouncements of the self-proclaimed prophet.

Chapter 5
A new job,
a new home,
a new friend

"The Cardinal wishes you to be assured
that the movement and the religious
community which have come about
through the activities of Mr William Kamm,
aka The Little Pebble, in no wise enjoy
the support or approval of the Holy Father
nor of His Eminence."
Private advisory written on behalf
 of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
 (Pope John Paul II's successor)

28 May 1988

Kamm declares he will be the next Pope. In 1987, wealthy patrons from Japan donate more than $300,000 to buy a caravan park to house the newly-formed Order of Saint Charbel at Cambewarra (near Nowra, on the NSW south coast). A priest from America, Malcolm Broussard, moves to the new compound upon his recruitment to the cult – which continues to grow and grow.

Chapter 6
Life on the inside

"Many people truly believe they can deceive
God and our members. This is not so, for
anything hidden will come out eventually."
The Little Pebble
22 November 1997

This chapter is a peephole into everyday life in the Order, illustrating the tremendous psychological and spiritual power Kamm wielded over members behind closed doors. It unveils an erosive psychological environment created by a crafty despot.

Chapter 7
Prophecies of the
End Times

"I am a mother who is sorrowing because her
priest-sons will not listen to our voice. They
discard our Messages; they persecute those
that I send. Are you wolves among the sheep?"
'The Virgin Mary' via Kamm
23 July 1986

An examination of the mind-boggling nonsense which qualified as 'prophecy'. Kamm's constant, cocky predictions about Judgment Day and other cosmic events are exposed as pathetic, rather than prophetic. Yet The Little Pebble still manages to squirm around his dismal prophecy record with a range of excuses to keep a faithful following in tow.

Chapter 8
Royal House

"As a man of my popularity in the world,
I could have had any woman in the world
- secretly, if necessary, if I were to
deceive the world and the public."
The Little Pebble
14 September 1997

The Little Pebble’s first wife and children are displaced by a seventeen-year-old from Germany, Bettina - his new ‘mystical wife’. Despite the fall-out and departure of some members, the cult survives. Kamm's next scheme is to recruit dozens of attractive young women into a spiritual harem.

Chapter 9
Sex, babies &

"...please do not experiment sexually with any
man. If you desire to have a sexual
experience or desire to know about these
matters, you can always come to me."
The Little Pebble's advice to
a fourteen-year-old princess
30 December 1994

Mystical marriages are twisted into sexual relationships, and many women/teenagers submit to sex with Kamm through mistaken obedience to God. The Little Pebble's true intentions and blatant hypocrisy are unmasked by an array of secret correspondence.

Chapter 10
How a prophet
makes a profit

"Give all, receive all."
The Little Pebble's motto

Financial returns to government regulators and other internal documents are examined to show how Kamm greedily built a multi-million dollar empire in his own name at the expense of followers. Starting out as a self-declared bankrupt, Kamm assembled an extensive property portfolio and several shops under a complex structure of private companies and trust funds - all under his complete control.

Chapter 11
The pride
before the fall

"Will I grow taller to the rightful size

of man, for I desire this very much
because it is difficult being this
small and having most of my wives
taller than me. You know well what
I mean."
The Little Pebble
9 June 1994
(Question to the Virgin Mary,
recorded in his autobiography)

Kamm tries to woo an international pop diva to perform a song he wrote for Jesus. A hollywood icon is also approached to star in a documentary-style film about the seer from Cambewarra. The Little Pebble's limitless self-adulation swells to bursting point, which comes in the form of a devastating blow to his union with Bettina. He salvages the marriage - even though he has already taken another teenaged 'queen' to share the family home.

Part  II
Like a

Chapter 12
to the heathens

"And if you believe that you can reveal things

anonymously, I'll get that information - I can
assure you, 100 per cent!"
The Little Pebble
20 October 2002

The cult compound at Cambewarra is raided by police and The Little Pebble is charged with molesting two under-aged girls.

Chapter 13
Sand beneath
the grindstone

"How can you promote such trash and lies
when you yourself are in a cult situation -
deceiving the good people, living in a palatial
estate and forcing the others to live in
extreme poverty..."
Archbishop Athanasius
Konstantinos Armstrong
1 September 1994

During the years leading up to his charging, Kamm's power is threatened by a constant barrage of conflicts - both from within and outside the Order. The Catholic Church finally opens an investigation into his miraculous claims, which are thoroughly denounced. Despite the many bust-ups and departures from the cult, a faithful remnant clings to, and protects, their leader.

Chapter 14
The Great

"You used my deep spiritual beliefs in an
opportunistic manner to gratify your sexual
depravity - demonstrating, repeatedly, a grave
violation of a position of trust."
16 September 2005

In the same year that he failed to succeed Pope John Paul II, The Little Pebble finally faces justice for sex crimes against 'Kylie' [not her real name], more than a decade after molesting the fifteen-year-old 'queen'.

Chapter 15
End Days

"It is remarkable that although many believed
him to be God and that his writings came
directly from the Virgin Mary, no-one thought
to question why such all-powerful entities were
incapable of spelling simple words correctly."
Judge Peter Berman
24 August 2007

Kamm's Judgment Day precedes a mass exodus from the Cambewarra compound. Yet die-hard members struggle on as their leader faces a second trial on charges of having sexual intercourse with a 'queen' when she was aged fourteen and fifteen.

Chapter 16
Who knew
sex was sex?

"...the world has no idea about queens and
their children as there has been no clear
evidence, only hearsay or presumption ...
God protects his work."
The Little Pebble
6 November 2001

A collection of highly confidential - and appalling - correspondence reveals how various followers knew about Kamm’s sexual relations with Royal House members who were over the legal age of consent ... yet they still upheld his code of secrecy.

Chapter 17
From dust
to dust

"They will not escape God's justice ... what
they do to you, my sweet rock - chosen
prophet of the Eternal Father's heart - they
do to God."
'Our Lady' (via a seer named
Rose of the Holy Innocence)

26 September 2003

A legacy of shattered lives provokes simmering questions about the unusual psychology and destiny of William John Kamm. Financial strife besets the Order, but hardship makes the faithful strong. And so the myth and mission of The Little Pebble continues.

Time to end the disorder

The author calls for state and federal governments to form a joint Parliamentary inquiry into the apparent failure of financial regulators to properly monitor Kamm's financial activities. Such an inquiry ought to oversee a thorough audit of all private companies, charitable entities, trusts, bank accounts, businesses and landholdings associated with William Kamm .

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