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a WOLF among the SHEEP

This new book traces the rise and downfall of Australian cult leader William Kamm, who has been regarded by his followers throughout the world as a prophet during the past 25 years. The Little Pebble appointed himself chief of a global network of seers and claims he will be the last Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. His life and leadership of his sect - the Order of Saint Charbel, based near Nowra on the NSW south coast - is exposed in an unauthorised biography, which is available through this website. More details: Home


After 25 years of destructive deceptions which tore their family apart, this extraordinary resignation letter was sent to William Kamm on 13 August 2012 as he served the remaining months of a non-parole prison term for sexually abusing children. The couple voluntarily offered their lengthy and deeply personal  statement  for publication on this website (although  some parts  had to be edited or with-held  for legal and/or privacy reasons).
Their testimony supports many details already published in the book, "
a WOLF among the SHEEP".  More importantly, their awakening to the truth about William Kamm's bogus religious charity renews hope for others endeavouring to draw loved ones away from this and other cults. The husband and his wife were rusted-on, die-hard supporters of the man they so fervently believed to be a prophet of God even as he, mysteriously, assumed the right to take millions of dollars and countless women and under-aged girls as his own personal property.

Being wrong is never easy ... and some find it impossible to admit.
"We are ashamed to have been part of this cult", they wrote, adding that, "we should have woken up" when The Little Pebble announced that he was exempt from God's laws. "We are only sorry that it took us such a long time to see who you really are!" With refreshing candour; with explanations not cheapened by excuse-making; they offer this tragic account of how they became entangled in Kamm's diabolical betrayals and why they failed to leave the cult until recently.

This is an unlikely conversion from their ardent loyalty to William Kamm  (albeit with  long-standing niggling doubts which he and others were able to smooth over). Clearly, Kamm's imprisonment has contributed to their freedom as he has been unable to micro-manage and meddle in their daily lives. However, Kamm's return to civilian life is imminent.

Who can imagine the difficulty of returning to regular life after 25 years in Kamm's toxic cult? And who has helped them since leaving? They informed  the Wollongong Catholic Diocese of their departure from the Order of Saint Charbel ... but with no reply.

This couple is not leaving alone; they are part of a growing band of ex-followers who have acknowledged the unassailable facts about Kamm's sex crimes, insatiable greed and megalomania. Unfortunately, many others have left the cult over the decades with mute inaction, perhaps because they are too embarrassed, or too afraid, or too damaged, or too proud, or too fed up or too busy. This courageous and damning statement is very, very significant and the author greatly appreciates the couple's determination to share it with everyone.

The cult leader was "shocked" at their renunciation and crawled to them with his usual fake humility and spiritual conjury. Kamm's written reply from jail indicated that he was "very ill" with a skin cancer on his head, which required surgery. Other sources indicate that, despite seven years of imprisonment, The Little Pebble has not reformed himself or relinquished his self-appointed right to have multiple wives (including married women). Kamm's reply is included on the linked page below. A number of  other stalwart cult members rejected the couple's revelations and reaffirmed their ongoing support for the  twice-convicted  paedophile; those letters have been with-held at this stage. 

"One day you told us that God suspended his law for you! We should have woken up then already, but you knew how to talk, and we were silent again! As long as you were in the community, every thought, every doubt was silenced with your actions, your words and your cunningness! Only now, we know what brainwashing means! ...

...How many married woman have children with you besides the two very known ones???? Families who left, because you could not leave their wives or daughters alone!!!! ...

... Only after you were sent to jail, we found out that you even could not take your hands off the girls. [details with-held about accusations that Kamm sexually interfered with two under-aged sisters, one aged as young as 11]  ... The girls were too ashamed to tell at the time, because you were this holy man, the prophet! ... you invited the two sisters of [name with-held] into your bed. How crazy is that??? Totally unnatural in our eyes!

... Every time we visited you in jail, you could not stop talking about your justice! And every time we told you that you should leave it to God; no, you never listened, and told me on the phone not to talk with my daughters! Do you ever think how many families you destroyed, people you ruined, even making them question their faith???

... Total control, lies, secrets, manipulations, pornography, sex toys, more lies; all these things were revealed to us. You did not allow me to talk with my kids, but I did anyway, and found out all this disgusting stuff. Your desperate phone calls: “Do not talk with your girls!” Me, Me, Me … that is what screams out of every letter from you, and every phone call!

... Where is the money gone, that was given in donations for Our Lady's Mission??? The community at Nowra looks like a dump, unorderly, and dirty - like their leader!...

Read the entire edited letter and
Kamm's reply on the following link:



An ex-cult member who is named in
"a WOLF among the SHEEP"

I've read your book and it reads like a novel. It is a page-turner whatever chapter you read - and this from me, who has shut the cult out of my life. The level of William Kamm's deception is astounding when I compare it to what I know from him personally and his releases via letters, documents, autobiography and discussions.

The book hits home. It made me feel guilty about my involvement. The book has given me an overall sense of: 'Have I done enough?'. I especially like the critique on the Catholic Church's lack of responsibility and foresight.

Anyone who financially contributed in a big way to Kamm and reads your book can be nothing but angry with him when they finish the book. It was hard to breathe when reading the chapter 'How a prophet makes a profit'. I know it's not your intention, but this chapter could cost frail folk a minor heart attack!

Glenn Talaue
Ex-cult member

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