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a WOLF among the SHEEP

This unauthorised biography traces the rise and downfall of Australian cult leader William Kamm, alias "The Little Pebble". Regarded by followers throughout the world as a prophet during the past 25 years, Kamm appointed himself chief of a global network of seers and claimed he would be the Roman Catholic Church's last Pope. His life and leadership of the Order of Saint Charbel - a sect based near Nowra on the NSW south coast - is exposed in the book, which is available through this website. More details: Home


After reading "a WOLF among the SHEEP", Father Maximiadis wrote an
 online article about William Kamm. 
These are the beginning and end excerpts;
the whole article can be found on the Priest's website:

I was inspired to write "William Kamm the Fragmented Pebble" when I read
"a WOLF among the SHEEP", a biography of Australian cult leader William Kamm (alias The Little Pebble). I had wanted to learn more about the self-styled ecclesiastical leader, millionaire, would-be “pope”, “prophet” and convicted child sex offender who was reported in the media fifty-seven times during the years leading up to his imprisonment in 2005. The synoptic coverage left a false preconception that all had been reported, and the story had ended. I followed these condensed media reports for seven years, gaining not one iota of background information behind Kamm, e.g., “...stockpiling weapons … in preparation for the Apocalypse, the full extent of his adulterous activities; and paedophilic crimes.  So troubled was I by the book's revelations about Kamm's destructive life that I wanted to help warn people about this treacherous cult leader by writing my own article, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

Graeme Webber, a young journalist with ethical concerns for in-depth reporting and social responsibility, plunged into the entire 360-degrees of Kamm's world, and left no stone (or 'Pebble') unturned. Kamm's sordid and reprehensible world - of iniquitous socio-psychological, financial manipulations of millions of dollars, et cetera, - behind his sanctimonious façade, has been stripped, and fully exposed in Webber's book: "a WOLF among the SHEEP". An exposé which covers religious/ecclesiastic and secular perspectives for those genuinely concerned about serial paedophiles, and the proliferation of cults...................


Grateful acknowledgement is made to Graeme Webber, for the three-years he spent in researching, writing, and publishing "a WOLF among the SHEEP – How 'God's prophet' The Little Pebble became a womanising, millionaire cult leader".

Graeme's career as a journalist spans over sixteen years. He has gathered and reported news for Australian Associated Press (AAP)
et. al., and given radio interviews. His writing style is thorough, candid, compelling, and comprehensible to the general readership. His "a WOLF among the SHEEP" is a masterpiece - an exposé of shocking crimes craftily hidden behind a theological and ecclesiastical façade - deserving serious attention from those concerned with crimes against children, and the proliferation of other cults.

For those who consider that everything about William Kamm has already been published in either my little article or elsewhere, they are sorely mistaken. It wasn't until I discovered all the unreported information published in "
a WOLF among the SHEEP" that I realised the extent of the dirty linen in Kamm's closet, e.g., alleged anomalies in financial dealings (which perhaps left many stuck in financial limbo) and other allegations involving commonwealth and state funding. Graeme's book also revealed Kamm's systematic manipulations to alter beliefs and attitudes towards dictatorial self-serving control over the membership of his cult; and clandestine underage sexual rendezvous to boot.

The media handling of this affair was very rather scant. It published only spasmodic sanitized accounts of Kamm's trial proceedings. Evidently, public interest was served only by the sole efforts of a single individual whose journalistic skill and tenacity ensured that key court proceedings were covered, as well as numerous other lines of inquiries, to unearth the entire facts that remained secret until the publication of his "
a WOLF among the SHEEP". This book is a comprehensive account of Kamm's startling origin, his journey and ambitions towards wealth and his messianic zeal towards becoming the “last Pope” of the Catholic Church; and his insatiable paedophilic appetite. Graeme's courageous project placed him at risk amid possible litigious minefields.

I believe that his "a WOLF among the SHEEP" is an achievement that would rate him as one of the brightest investigative journalists of his generation. I am very much obliged to Graeme, for providing such an invaluable source of information about William Kamm and his cult; without which my own article 'William Kamm the Fragmented Pebble' would not have been possible.

Rev. Father A. Maximiadis


A family friend of a current cult member

I bought this book a few months ago and have enjoyed reading it and am very glad you wrote it. I passed it on to my parents, who got through it, though found it quite distressing and hard to read.

You see, my mum worked with [name with-held] who was a family friend of ours. My mum watched her get sucked into this cult, and change from the vibrant and bubbly person she was to the drab and frightened woman she is now. When she became a believer, she spoke of nothing but Little Pebble. We were amazed to see her cynical and arrogant husband follow her in, as he gently mocked Kamm but he was obviously flattered and felt wanted when Kamm needed him. At some point, she sent my mum a bizarre letter about "saving our sons", with a l-o-o-o-o-n-g list of supplies to collect for the End Times. How sad that other members of her family were taken in too. She had also tried to work on other former workmates, with my mum working hard to discourage them from following Kamm.

I hope the ones who want their money back find some closure there. I know mum's friends sold their lovely house and gave it to Kamm. What a waste.

I have passed the book on to other friends who are interested in cults. Over the years, I have become interested in cults and found lots of great information on the internet.

Again, thanks for writing this book, it will be passed on by me to whoever is interested. It is so important to bring these dangerous groups into the public eye.

All the best,
[name with-held]


Wally has publicly criticised The Little Pebble's
misconduct and numerous prophecy failures through a website,
which was established many years ago.

I'll admit, I'm biased. I have a common interest with the author in exposing Kamm for what he is, so my review is inevitably going to be coloured by that.

Graeme has been a journalist for years. He has the skills to put a comprehensive, logical explanation of things, that gets to the core of the story. This book has been three years in the writing. If you think the stuff on my webpages exposes Kamm, well, this book does more. It eviscerates him. It exposes the fundamental iniquity of what he has done. And it doesn't pull a single punch.

For anyone who wants to explore and understand the behaviour and motivation of a cult leader such as Kamm (and he's a classic example, displaying many of the behaviours of others, such as Warren Jeffs, Geoffrey Lundgren, Jim Jones and David Koresh), this is a worthwhile resource, and we should all have this book in our kit bag.

Chapter 1, 'The dawning of a new error', gets right into the context, quoting extensively some of the lust letters William sent to his prospective bed partners (queens), demonstrating one of Kamm's prime motivations in running his cult. It's hard to read without becoming emotionally affected by the facts.

And facts is what they are. They come from Kamm's own writing. In his own hand. With his own signature. Based on my reading of Chapter 1, this is a book that deserves to be read.

It shoud also be standard reading by our politicians, police and anyone who has to deal with these kinds of issues, as the growth and influence of these kinds of cults continues without pause.

Wally Anglesea


A woman from the United States

Dear Mr Webber,
Greetings! Of this book - "a WOLF among the SHEEP" - you have written, will cause you much pain of embarrassment to yourself. It is horrible that people criticise others for financial gains. I am hopeful that you shall make amends for what you have done.
[Name with-held]


In reply to your feedback, the consequences you refer to may well eventuate, but you know what I think of such consequences as per what I wrote in my Preface. I think it is sad that you, a stranger, would cast aspersions on my motivations eg "financial gain". It doesn't sound very Christian to me.

But perhaps you are yet another person who is not interested in the truth about William Kamm. Do you have any regard for the welfare of children who have been sexually abused by this false prophet?
Graeme Webber


Dear Mr Webber,
Greetings! For those who believe in God, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe in God, no explanation is possible.
[name with-held]


Dear Lady,
Your feedback regarding Graeme Webber's book -
"a WOLF among the SHEEP" -  would cause much more "pain and embarrassment" to those reading your naive attack against Graeme Webber and his book. You are confused about the difference between "criticism" and "facts" - pettifogging over Webber's book - and you have the audacity to take the moral high ground in telling Webber (who was not in the dock!) to "make amends for what he has done" whilst grossly misplacing your sympathies for William Kamm (known as "The Little Pebble"); convicted millionaire child molester.

I take great exception to your misplaced remarks about this young man who, for your information, is a highly respected journalist and author who has worked tirelessly towards the protection of children from this predator, whilst you sympathise with Kamm. What a daft thing to do! Read the book again with the light turned on and your blinkers off, and then ask yourself: "amends for what"?

Your trite comment regarding "financial gains" doesn't deserve a reply except to quote Jesus: "The labourer is worthy of his wages" (Luke v10:7b). You make unsubstantiated criticisms about this author who sacrificed three years of his life researching and writing a 370-page book exposing William Kamm the serial paedophile. And in a few seconds and a measly 47-word posting, you condemn this author and his book. Do you leap with the same gusto to the defence of all paedophiles? Or is this reserved solely for millionaire child molesters like Kamm?

Lady, your postings are so far beyond ridiculous they'd leave even the most casual observer flabbergasted, but one single unmistakable fact is quite clear: observers can see which side of the moral dividing line you belong.

The quotation you plagiarised from the Hollywood motion picture  "Song of Bernadette" (TCF William Perlberg US, 1943) was not a response to the question that Webber asked you when he replied; it was totally irrelevant. Perhaps you are confused with the distinct difference between a canonised saint and a convicted paedopile; and the 152-year separation between Kamm and Soubirous.

I suggeset you muster up the same judgmental attitude - you so enthusiastically lunged against Webber - by forwarding a letter to William Kamm (presently doing time at Her Majesty's pleasure), suggesting that he "make amends for what he has done".  I further suggest that you make an apologetic posting to Webber on his website, for you to make "amends for what you have done", in treating Webber as if he was the offender. This would clarify to the internet community your stance on crimes against children.

Yours sincerely,
Rev. Father A. Maximiadis



A child protection worker

I note that you have posted some very positive feedback on your website, although I was a bit surprised to read the curse sent by an apparent cult member from the United States. It is one thing to be brainwashed into following orders but it is quite another issue to be so willing to blatantly believe whatever you want even when the law of the land has exposed the truth - not to mention further revelations that are detailed in your book.

Perhaps some people do not realise how hard it is to get convictions in child sexual assault cases, as it would appear that these legal findings mean nothing to some people. I would like to point out that victims of child sexual assault are often angry at not only those perpetrators who commit these heinous crimes but also angry at the systems and individuals who fail to protect them and people who are prepared to stand by and do nothing. In this case, the cult member from overseas would appear to not only fail to consider the victims, but she is actually actively supporting and seeking to protect the perpetrator, even though Kamm has already been found in a court of law to be guilty beyond all reasonable doubt on numerous charges relating to child sexual assault.

Extensive research shows that child sexual assault has a long-term devastating psychological impact on victims. The negative sentiments expressed by this woman who posted feedback from the United States would indeed by deeply hurtful to anyone who has suffered such crimes or been affected by witnessing vulnerable children suffer in this way. Whilst Rev. Father A. Maximiadis provides a thorough response to this person, in addition to apologising to you, I would like to suggest that she publicly write a letter of apology to the victims for her insensitivity.

Despite society's attempts to protect children and young people, child sexual assault continues to be a major problem throughout the world.  Unfortunately, most people are simply not prepared to look at the reality of the situation - much less get involved in the process of trying to find a solution. Your book "a WOLF among the SHEEP", which covers many unscrupulous aspects of Kamm's behaviour, also goes a long way in exposing the secrecy associated with this crime.

Child sexual assault is a serious crime that deserves much more attention and action from everybody. I hope that all the people who have bought, read and taken the time to recommend your book to others feel that in some way they are contributing to the process of making society a better place by being prepared to address issues that many people would rather not hear about.

On behalf of all the people who have been touched by child sexual assault - including survivors, non-offending family, friends and those who seek to help them - I would like to thank you for being prepared to take a stand against Kamm. Thank you Graeme, for being prepared to research a topic that many view with apathy or indifference and thanks for making the sacrifices involved in writing your compelling book,"a WOLF among the SHEEP".

Got something to say? If so...........

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