a WOLF among the SHEEP

This unauthorised biography traces the rise and downfall of Australian cult leader William Kamm, alias "The Little Pebble". Regarded by followers throughout the world as a prophet during the past 25 years, Kamm appointed himself chief of a global network of seers and claimed he would be the Roman Catholic Church's last Pope. His life and leadership of the Order of Saint Charbel - a sect based near Nowra on the NSW south coast - is exposed in the book, which is available through this website. More details: Home

Kamm's childhood home

A contemporary picture of the property William Kamm called home when he was a young boy at Renmark in South Australia.

Kamm's childhood neighbourhood
Renmark remains a food bowl township, supplying fresh produce from plentiful orchards and vineyards. Kamm once lived at the property which is partly visible on the far left (mid-ground) of this picture.

Renmark Catholic Church
The roots of his faith ... The Little Pebble's formative years were shaped in this building, Renmark Catholic Church.

Entrance to Cambewarra compound
Pilgrims' rest ... the entrance to the cult compound which is surrounded by dense bushland  at Cambewarra, west of Nowra on the NSW south coast.

Cambewarra entrance gate
Keeping watch ... security was a high priority for Kamm and those who lived on his 'holy grounds', pictured here at Cambewarra.

St Joseph's Primary School
The Order of Saint Charbel established St Joseph's Primary School at Cambewarra.

St Joseph's School, at Cambewarra
Assembly area of St Joseph's Primary School.

The Order's community at Tyaak, Victoria
Entrance gate to the Order of Saint Charbel's community at Tyaak, Victoria.

Seeing God
Seeing God ... (L-R) Malcolm Broussard, William Kamm and Ted Stokes (at rear) during an apparition at Tyaak, Victoria, in 1994 along with Canadians Danielle Gervais (also known as the seer 'Thornbush'), Mother Maria Astrid-Smith (Thornbush's attendant) and Fr Yves-Marie Blais.

Pebble's blessing
Pam Talaue receive a blessing from the self-proclaimed prophet.

Pam and the Pebble
Thanks but no thanks ... Pam Talaue (nee Colla) was excited to be called as a princess, until she realised Kamm's real agenda with Royal House members.

Glenn Talaue
Glenn Talaue

Malcolm Broussard
Malcolm Broussard

Father of many ... Kamm
 and his second wife, Bettina,
during  a christening.

Kamm faces court
Mid-2005: Kamm heads to court with two of his three legal representatives.

Kamm faces court
The Little Pebble faces court with his
barrister, Greg Stanton (right).

Kamm faces court

Malcolm Broussard and Jan Williams
No comment ... Malcolm Broussard and Jan Williams face the media during Kamm's first trial in 2005.

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